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Meditation is my passion

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Many people who want to start meditating have the same questions. Which method to choose? What should you do during meditation and how? How do you know if it is done well?

The adventure with meditation has started for me almost 30 years ago. Once I understood better what it was all about, I knew that there had to be some way to understand it faster. I started to look for methods that would make it easier to master meditation more effectively. It’s the technology and equipment to measure brain waves, such as regular EEG, that helps.

It would save me about 15-20 years of trying meditation alone and with the teacher’s support. Well, our brain is most likely to do what it get used to.

My mission is to share knowledge and skills with those who want to learn to meditate. This is how I opened the first neuromeditation office in Poland.

Kamila Orlińska

Brief History

From corporation to meditation.

It’s been a long way. I started meditating when I was 14. It was the early 90’s and I was extremely lucky because my Polish teacher was a philosopher and karate teacher. He opened our heads to another culture, taught us to look far east instead of just west. He encouraged meditation and allowed short sessions at the beginning of the lesson. This is how it started. I was a child, I was playing with meditation without deeper theoretical knowledge, without purpose, without compulsion to achieve something, without pressure or ambition. There was no access to the Internet, to literature like this. I made mistakes: I didn’t meditate regularly, I limited myself to those meditations that were easy – completely without understanding that I needed them less. I didn’t understand much, I was wandering around and interrupting, but my brain constantly wanted to come back to meditation. Meditation helped me in difficult moments of adolescence, entering adulthood, being a good mother and reconciling it with the work of a corporate IT specialist. It changed my life.

More and more often I felt that it helped me on a much deeper layer than just relaxing. I started to learn different meditation methods, both traditional and modern. I was in Buddhist centers, went to yoga, various types of workshops and read a lot. I studied the latest research and publications about meditation, brain, neurology, psychology, neuropsychology, mindfulness. The topic absorbed me completely. I learned a lot of methods that make it easier to fall asleep, learn, gain healthy distance to my thoughts and regulate my emotions. I was able to master the basics of the new programming language at the weekend, and in 30 minutes I was able to relax after a 60-hour week. I learned to regulate my emotions more effectively, correct my habits and develop relationships with close and less close people.

More than a year ago I learned about various technologies supporting meditation learning such neurofeedback, biofeedback, virtual reality. The prices of workshops with such technologies in the United States or Germany are up to $15000 per week. It’s a lot of money, I wanted to understand what’s behind it. This desire was so strong that during the year I attended:

  • personal neuromeditation training by Jeff Tarrant from Neuromedtitation Institute in Oregon
  • three neurofeedback training courses held in Neuromaster, Bialystok, thus gaining the right to run a neurofeedback training course
  • a mindfulness course at Oxford for individual work – Mindfulness Now (I am during the process of accreditation)
  • TTi Breathworks course in Taraloka, Whitchurch (UK)
  • TTa Breathworks course in Taraloka, Whitchurch (UK)
  • a lecture by James Hardt, founder of the Biocybernaut Centre in Munich
  • the Mindfull Movement workshop in London
  • Alpha wave training workshop in BioNeuroTec in Geneva
  • NewQ training workshop in BioNeuroTec in Geneva
  • neuromeditation workshop at the IFEN centre in Munich
My teachers are: Jeff Tarrant, VidyamalaColette Power, Sona, Amalachita, Narepa, Ginny Wall, Jon Aaron, Fidelma Farley, Andrea Cygler, Eva Otzen, Piotr Sobaniec, Aston Colley.

My goal has been to combine traditional meditation methods and Western lifestyle with the latest technology to make meditation learning easier, more accurate and safer for the practitioner. Somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted to deal with it on a daily basis instead of introducing more abstract software development systems in corporations.

Kamila Orlińska