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Meditation, relationships and longevity

What are we missing? Evolution has prepared us to live in completely different conditions. Different food, less food, different stress, different pace, different environment, different

Maditation - download

Soon we will provide recorded meditations for the needs of our clients and all those who want to start their meditation adventure with us.

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ntensive classes where you can:

– find out what meditation is beneficial for you

– what meditation is about and how to learn it

– improve your concentration

– relax

– meditate with the support of the latest technologies: neurofeedback, virtual reality, AVE (audio-visual entrainment)

– meditate with the support of traditional methods – aromatherapy, music

Minazee for you

Within the framework of the programs, weekly sessions are carried out, the aim of which is to improve thought processes, regulate emotions and improve concentration. It is a systematic mind training tailored to your needs, which develops your brain, just like a gym – muscles.

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Kamila Orlińska

The author.


My adventure with meditation has lasted almost 30 years. Once I understood better what it was all about, I knew there had to be some way to understand it faster. I started to look for methods that would make it easier to master meditation more effectively. Technology and equipment to measure brain waves, such as normal EEG and heart rate and breathing, come to my aid. The result of the search is neuromeditation, which is the application of brain principles to meditation practices.


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